Rattled Up Creations: Unique Abstract Wall Art

Where Imagination Meets Creation

Rattled Up Creations: Unique Abstract Wall Art

Where Imagination Meets Creation

the Rattled up way

What is Spray Paint Art?

Spray paint is a type of medium that can be used to create incredible paintings. Some of the tools I use for texture are everyday items like newspaper, plastic bags, bowls, and even toothpicks. Spray paint can be used on many surfaces, I find that glossy poster board is the best platform.

Unlimited Possibilities

There is no end to what kind of wall art that can be created with spray paint art. The ability to blend multiple colors at the same time allows an artist's imagination to be free. The best part is each painting is completely unique and cannot be exactly duplicated. You really get a one of a kind painting every time! I love to bring that abstract fine art feeling to my paintings. 

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Who is the Rattl'R

Hello my name is Clifton Bryan Aka The Rattl'R. I am the artist behind Rattled Up Creations. I am a registered X-ray/CT Technologist. At my regular everyday job I am a Cryogenic Cancer Treatment Technologist. That means I get to kill Cancer with ice! There is nothing cooler than that! However, my spray paint art is a close second.

I started doing spray paint art in September of 2017 because a best friend of mine was having a house warming party. I wanted to give him something unique. I watched a few videos online to learn some techniques and gave it a try. That painting is featured below in the Rattle Up section. After doing that painting I realized I had a knack for this type of art, and Rattled Up Creations was born!

Why the Rattl'R? Another best friend of mine came up with the name "The Rattl'R" because I use rattle cans to paint with and it goes with my company name. So don't worry, The Rattl'r is not a vigilante crime fighter. I am just a normal guy who loves to paint! 

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Rattle Up

It starts with and idea...

Grab a piece of poster board, a few different colors of glossy spray paint, some old bowls, a plastic bag and your ready to paint they said. 

Well...This is my first creation using just that! 

Continues with a vision...

After blending in a few colors and adding some stars I was hooked on this type of art! 

Rattled Up Creations was born. 

Ends with a WOW!

This painting says it all...

Adventure is out there! 

What are you waiting for...

Click on my You Tube link below to watch imagination come to life!

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